Sports Facilities

Istanbul Commerce University offers the current sports facilities to enable students and the personnel to perform activities to improve their physical and mental development for a healthy life. Besides this, Istanbul Commerce University supports sports teams by employing professional coaches and trainers in order to produce outstanding performance in trainings and contests. ICU encourages sportsmen to behave in accordance with the spirit of friendship and sportsmanship at national and international contests. The sports hall and fitness hall are situated on the top floor of the main building on Üsküdar Campus. The basketball court in our sports hall is in compliance with international standards and is also used by the Istanbul Commerce University Basketball Team and Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Sports Club. The dimensions of the tennis court are in compliance with the international standards and suitable for playing both doubles and singles. The floor of our sports facility is coated with 6.5-mm-thick point elastic Taraflex in compliance with international standards featuring antibacterial and multipurpose use.