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Istanbul Ticaret University gives importance to foreign exchange programs for students to gain experience in international education and carries out the exchange of students and faculty members within the framework of the Erasmus program. Each year students of  Istanbul Ticaret University study at partner universities in Europe for one or two terms, and students coming from these universities are educated in our university. Exchange agreements have been signed with 64 reputable universities in 19 European countries. We have been sending and accepting eligible students with our partner schools in Europe since 2005. Selection of the students participating in the program is carried out by the Erasmus Office and the Erasmus Student Exchange Commission. While evaluating the applications the committee takes two criteria into consideration according to the weighted scoring system:

  • Academic Achievement Average
  • English Proficiency Exam

The duration of the Erasmus student exchange program varies from 3 to 10 months. The European credit transfer system (ECTS) tries to define the courses in terms of the workload they give to students.  A student takes a minimum of 30 ECTS credit courses during a semester. The courses of the exchange program are determined in advance.

The credits of the courses successfully and unsuccessfully completed abroad are transferred to Istanbul Ticaret University. These courses are transferred original names, credits, and grades. One term exchange students must take 30 ECTS lessons and 2/3 of these courses must be completed successfully.

Exchange students participating in the program do not pay any tuition fees to the partner university. Erasmus students receive an Erasmus grant for the period they spend in Europe. An Erasmus grant is the allowance given to students participating in the Erasmus exchange program to support their cost of living. Travel, health insurance, and visa fees are paid by the student.