Dear Students,

In order to have a semester with the least number of problems, it would be beneficial for you to abide by the following rules:

  • By registering a course, students agree to the terms, conditions, and regulations announced course web page under the lecturer’s web site provided officially by Istanbul Commerce University.
  • Students are obliged to follow
    • Istanbul Commerce University official website
    • Department of Electrical-Electronics Engineering official website
    • Lecturer’s website provided officially by Istanbul Commerce University

    However, Istanbul Commerce University is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by the owner of the website unless otherwise stated. In case any dispute or conflict arises related to the content of the web page, the printed and signed notices, data, documents, files and all other forms/sorts of information of Istanbul Commerce University will prevail.

  • All students are expected to maintain the academic integrity. There will be no tolerance to any form of cheating, plagiarism, unauthorized collaboration and/or cooperation.
  • According to the University rules, regulations, and guidelines (Chapter Four, Section related to the attendance, Item 25, first clause [in Turkish]), all students who have already enrolled the course should attend at least 70% of the lectures throughout the semester of interest. Students who do not meet the attendance criterion will fail with the letter grade “IA“. It is students’ responsibility to follow up with their intermittent attendance status throughout the semester. The instructor might not announce and/or disseminate the attendance status of the students.
  • In case a problem and/or dispute emerges related to lectures such as grading, office hours, and so on, it must be consulted the lecturer face to face. Students are responsible for the consequences of not consulting the lecturer but of taking advice from some others.
  • Lecturer’s official schedule must be followed in order to attend office hours and have individual meetings.