The Centre of Global Experience: Istanbul Commerce University

Istanbul Commerce University, running on with the motto “think globally”, is a non-profit private university established by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, one of the most important chambers of the world.

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce established in 1882, as the most significant body of the business world in Istanbul, shares its deeply rooted experience with Istanbul Commerce University. The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, one of the leading world chambers, adapts its higher education strategies experience with regard to intensely globalized relationships among countries, foundations and societies.

The students will have the opportunity to get together with leaders of the business world and to see different business models and cultures of different areas of the world  through the “Global Experience Campus” model which aims to develop global business experience academically and transfer it to the university. Hence, these students, by getting the advantage of recognition of different business cultures, will be future’s managers and leaders of the global business world.

Global Experience Campus has multi-directional relationship between the University and the real life and personal training exchange programmes. Global Experience Campus offers undergraduate and postgraduate students  to participate in short-term, long-term programmes, international institutions’ applied training studies, and to make use of the experiences of the actors in real business life.

Istanbul Commerce University, with the cooperation partnerships of the universities from the developed countries, opens the doors of the real business life to the students.

We would like to see you in our university.