In recent years, the increasing importance of the logistics practices in our country and in the world has helped to ensure a competitive advantage that makes a difference for the companies operating in this area. In today’s excessive competitive environment, it also inspires technological developments with shedding light on operations and applications in logistics. In terms of supporting many new product developments, logistics in the modern sense is not only expressed as transport but also it can be defined as a concept that is a source of advanced technology.

Technologistics is a conscious that provides sustainable competitive advantage, advanced company performance, technological base and logistics mind to the managerial and operational processes. The enterprises that will act with this consciousness are called technologistics companies. Technologistic companies will also be the determinants of the future competition.

Our university has adopted the understanding that the studies carried out in the field of logistics will be much more beneficial under a sectoral sense. This center was established in order to provide coordination among the sectoral companies, non-governmental organizations, government institutions and to produce projects in the framework of the university – industry business association.