Prof. Dr. Nazım Ekren
Rector, Istanbul Commerce University

He is graduated from the department of Economics of Bursa ITIA Academy (the Academy of Economics and Administrative Sciences), the Faculty of Economics in 1979. He began his career as an assistant in the same department. He completed his PhD thesis on the subject of “International Banking and the Turkish Case” on the Social Sciences Institute of Uludağ University in 1985.

He was promoted as the Associate Professor in the field of “Economics Theory” by the Council of Higher Education in 1989. In 1994 he was nominated as Professor by his study in “Economics of Sports” in Marmara University. Later on, by his study in the field of “Banking” he was appointed as Professor in the department of banking of Banking and Insurance Institute of Marmara University. Finally he was nominated as Professor in the Faculty of Trade, Banking and Finance Department of Istanbul Commerce University in 2011.

Through British Council scholarship in 1989-90, he was completed a project on “The Integration of the Turkish Banking with International Banking” as a research fellow in Manchester Business School, International Center for Banking and Financial Services.

He is also a certified public accountant and ratings expert. He is a member of the American Economic Association and the European Economic Association. His areas of expertise are books, research papers, articles, presentations and speeches.
He was elected as a Member of Parliament in Istanbul for the electoral periods of 22nd and 23rd. During his representation, Mr. Ekren was a member of the Planning and Budget Committee in the Parliament. Mr. Ekren also served as a State Minister and Deputy Prime Minister in charge of economic coordination during 60th Government of Republic of Turkey. Additionally, Mr. Ekren served as the president at the Parliamentary Research Commission established in October 2010 to investigate the problems of violence in sport and the problems of Sport Clubs for taking necessary measures.

Since 2011 Mr. Ekren has been working as the Rector of Istanbul Commerce University.