Student Associations

Student Clubs

Istanbul Commerce University offers important opportunities for students to participate in free-time activities. At Istanbul Commerce University, various social, cultural, artistic and intellectual activities and events are organized through student clubs. We have 55 student clubs in total, including for theater, classical Islamic arts, music and dance, Young Volunteers Social Solidarity for social volunteers, civilization and opinion clubs, culture and literature, idea and art for culture, sailing clubs, American football, climbing and natural sports for sporting activities. These clubs perform important studies and projects in their fields and all over Turkey. Through scientific meetings, open forums, panels, interviews and demonstrations, these clubs inform the public about the country and the world’s issues.

Additionally, with the exhibitions and workshops organized, clubs have the opportunity to improve and reflect their abilities and skills. Within Istanbul Commerce University, several workshops like water marbling, reed flutes, and frame drum are available for students to improve their artistic talents.

1.Aviation Management Club

2.Ataturk’s Ideology Club

3.Cilmbing and Nature Sporst Club

4.Banking and Finance Club

5.Dance Club

6.Foreign Trade Club

7.Industrial Engineering Club

8.Idea and Art Club

9.Photography Club

10.Young Volunteers Social Solidarity and Aid Club

11.Electric and Electronic Club

12.Young Managers Club

13.Entrepreneurship Club

14.Statistics Club

15.Logistics Club

16.Mathematics Club

17.Civilization and Opinion Club

18.Debate Club

19.Affirmative Club

20.Prism Club

21.Psychology Club

22.Cinema Club

23.Theater Club

24.International Relations Club

25.Production Research Club

26.Law Club

27.Climbing and Natural Sports Club

28.Ebru Art Club

29.English Drama Club

30.Young Democrats Club

31.Folkloric Dances Club

32.Istanbul Civilization Club

33.Culture and Literature Club

34.Leadership and Organization Club

35.Mechatronics Club

36.Robotics Club

37.Sports Fan Union Club




41.History and Civilization Club

42.International Trade Club

43.Sailing Club

44.Defense Club

45.Alternative Thought Club

46.Moral Youth Club

47.Young Lawyers Club

48.Young Businessmen and Social Development Club

Public Relations and Advertising Club

50.Kutadgu Bilig Club

51.Strategic Thought and Vision Club

52.Commercial Development Club

53.Sensitiveness Club

54.Classical Turkish Music Club

55.Tourism Club

56.Turkish Art Music Club

57.The Green Crescent Club

58.Young Communicator Club

59.Management and Economy Club

60.Managership Club

61.Projects and Research Club

62.Union Supporters Club

63.Turkey İnvestigations Club

64.International Student Club

Student Council

This is an elected unit created by students that advocates on behalf of students. The assignment of the council is to inform our university’s administrative units about student problems concerning educational, health, sports, social and cultural needs and students’ opinions and comments about the university. The Council President takes part in the university’s Managing Board meetings and informs the board about student demands.

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