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Graduate Application for Spring 2019

Click here to apply for the Spring Term 2019 2018-2019 Spring Term International Student Applications for the Graduate Programs have started / 2018-2019 Bahar dönemi Uluslararası Öğrenci Başvuruları başlamıştır   Applications will be accepted until 25.01.2019 5 pm (turkish time, GMT +3) via the online application system. Candidates who have completed their application are requested to wait for a reply. In case of […]

Application to Graduate Programs

2018-2019 Academic Year  Term International Student Scholarship has finished on 4th of July 2018 The application period for programs without scholarships goes on. __________________________________________ 2018-2019 Akademik Yılı Güz Dönemi Lisansüstü (Master/Doktora) Programlara Uluslararası Öğrenci Burslu başvurular 04.07.2018 tarihinde sona ermiştir. Ücretli programlara başvuru süreci devam etmektedir.   For access to the Online Application System, click here Online Başvuru […]

Documents for the Application to Undergraduate Programs

   The application period for programs without scholarships goes on non-scholarship applications deadline is 15.11.2019   Azerbaycan Vatandaşlarının Dikkatine! / Only for citizens of Azerbaijan ! Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Yükseköğretim Kurulu ile Azerbaycan Cumhuriyeti Eğitim bakanlığı arasında Yükseköğretim alanında işbirliğine dair Mutabakat Zaptı’nın 5. maddesine göre Azerbaycan Cumhuriyeti vatandaşlarının, Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Yükseköğretim kurumlarına kabulü zamanı Azerbaycan […]

Documents for the Registration to Graduate Programs

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR THE REGISTRATION TO THE GRADUATE PROGRAMS  DIPLOMA For Master Degree Programs: The notarized copy of the undergraduate diploma For PhD Programs: The notarized copy of the Bachelor Degree and Master Degree diploma   TRANSCRIPT For Master Degree Programs: The notarized copy of the undergraduate transcript For PhD Programs: The notarized copy of […]

General Information about the Evaluation of Scholarship Applications

  Eligible scholarship applicants will be invited to an interview, applicants who do not attend the interview their applications will not be evaluated. The interview dates and hours will be announced on our web site after the dwadline for the applications. After the interviews, applications are evaluated by “International Student Evaluation Commission” formed by the Rectorate of the […]

Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships are usually awarded for excellence in learning and studying in a particular field and are given out on a discretionary basis. Full and partial scholarship opportunities at different ratios are available for only Foreign Country citizens with the appreciation and evaluation of Admission Committee.  Scholarship only covers university tuition fee. EVALUATION OF SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS Istanbul […]

Tuition Fees and Account Information

Tuition Fees  Application Fee:  50 USD  Bachelor Degree Programs: 4.000 USD per year (VAT included) (2 instalments) Master Degree Programs with thesis:   3.400 USD (VAT included) (whole program [max. 6 semester])*  Master Degree Programs without thesis:   3.000 USD (VAT included) (whole program [max. 3 semester])* PhD Programs:   4.700 USD (VAT included) (whole program [max. 10 […]

Announcement of the Results

ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE RESULTS Meeting the application requirements does not guarantee the placement of the candidate in Istanbul Commerce University. The evaluation of the applications and placement of  the candidates are at the sole discreation of the university administration. The list of the candidates placed in the departments/programs of our university is announced on the […]

Documents for the Registration to Undergraduate Programs

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS FOR REGISTRATION TO THE UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS Copy of the high school diploma. (If the document is issued in English in its original version, the notarization is enough; however, if the document is issued in the languages apart from Turkish or English, it must be translated into Turkish and notarized. The notarized documents must […]

Evaluation of the Undergraduate Applications

Candidates are required to meet the conditions related to the international examination results approved by the Higher Education Council of Turkey International Examination Results Accepted by ICU NO COUNTRY EXAMINATION MINIMUM SCORE 1 INTERNATIONAL SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) 1000 2 INTERNATIONAL ACT (National College Admission Examination) 21 3 INTERNATIONAL GCE A in at least 2 […]