Documents for the Application to Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Application Period for scholarships has finished on 4th of July 2018

 The application period for programs without scholarships goes on.


  • For the list of the undergraduate programs offered for the international candidates, (uluslararası öğrencilere açık lisans programları için lütfen tıklayın)click here

  • For the tuition fees, please (Ücretler için lütfen tıklayın) click here



      Undergraduate Application Form/Lisans-Başvuru Formu:

  • (Application form [NON-SCHOLARSHIP ÜCRETLİ]) 

  • Copy of the high school diploma or the document certifying that the candidate will graduate before the registration date in Istanbul Commerce University. (If the document is issued in English in its original version, the translation is enough; however, if the document is issued in the languages apart from Turkish or English, it must be translated into Turkish.)

  • Copy of the high school transcript. (If the document is issued in English in its original version, the translation is enough; however, if the document is issued in the languages apart from Turkish or English, it must be translated into Turkish.)

  • Copy of the pages of the credentials in the passport

  • Two passport size photos, taken in the last 6 month

  • If available, documents related to the English and Turkish Language Proficiencies of the candidates:

    In case of application to a Turkish program – TÖMER, UTS or other Turkish Language certificate accepted by YÖK(minimum B2) or Turkish Language Profeciency 

    Registered students on the basis of conditional acceptance are allowed one year to submit this document before starting the courses. After one year if students cannot submit a valid Turkish Language Certificate/ Score Reports, their registration is cancelled.

    In case of application to an English program (30% / 100%) – a minimum score of the following tests:

    YDS: 60 (valid three years)

    FCE: C (lifelong valid)

    PTE Academic: 55 (valid two years)

    TOEFL-IBT: 72 (two years)

    or students may attend the English Proficiency Exam which takes place in September. (Students who fail this exam have to study at our preparation school for one year).

    • For the programs in (30%/100%) English: Candidates, who study English Language at the English Preparatory School and fail in the Proficiency Exam, need to study one more year at the English Preparatory School. Maximum two years of education can be taken at the English Preparatory School. Candidates cannot continue to the undergraduate programme unless they succeed in the Proficiency Exam.
  •  The payment receipt of the application fee (200 USD) that is transferred to the Bank Account of Istanbul Commerce University. For the bank account information, (Üniversitemizin Banka hesabı için) tıklayın/click here. (Scholarship candidates are exempted from payment of the application fee) 

  • Please don’t forget to write the full name of the applicant (how it is written on the passport) and his/her passport number.(Lütfen başvuran adayın ismi ve soyadı pasaportunda yazıldığı gibi yazılsın)




  • The submitted documents via e-mail ( must be printable and readable. All the documents must be submitted within one e-mail.Basvuru formu ve gerekli evrakların bastırılmış ve okunaklı olarak lütfen bir e-mail içinde ( ye gönderiniz

  • The candidates receive a confirmation e-mail if their application is successfully received by the international office. If there is any missing documents/information, international office informs the candidate to make the necessary corrections within the application period. Please note that submission of the application is not enough for the receipt of the application by the international office unless the confirmation e-mail is sent.

  • The copies of the documents are enough for submission during the application period; however, the original copies and the notarized copies are demanded for the registrations. Gönderilen evrakların fotokopisi yeterlidir, orijinal evraklar ve noter onaylı suretleri kayıtta alınacaktır.

  • The Diploma grades must be converted to 100 points grading system in the application form. For the diploma grades conversion table, (Diploma notları 100 lük sisteme göre cevrilmelidir ) tıklayın/click here


For information in Turkish(Türkçe bilgi için), please click/tıklayın  here. 

Updated: 22 November 2018 — 13:46