Eligibility for International Student Applications

Admission to Undergraduate Programs

Provided that they have graduated or at the time of application are studying at the last grade of high school, the following students are eligible for application:

  • Applicants with a foreign nationality,
  • Applicants who are Turkish citizens at birth but have gained the permission of expatriation from Turkish citizenship from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and their under age children registered in the expatriation document (applicants in this case are required to document that they have the necessary documents to avail themselves of the rights granted by the law numbered 5203)
  • Dual nationality holders who hold a foreign nationality at birth but have gained Turkish citizenship later on.
  • Applicants who hold a Turkish nationality  and who completed their high school education in a foreign country except TRNC (The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus)
  • Applicants who hold a TRNC nationality and reside in TRNC and who have completed their secondary education in TRNC and get a  GCE AL score report.
  • Applicants who hold a TRNC nationality and who registered in a secondary school in a country except TRNC between 2005-2010 and who completed their secondary education in that school and get a GCE AL score report.


Admission to Graduate Programs

Requirements to gain entry to A Graduate Programme

  • Applicants with a foreign nationality,
  • Dual nationality holders who have a foreign nationality at birth but gained Turkish citizenship later on,
  • Graduate applicants who have fully completed undergraduate degree and PhD Applicants must complete undergraduate and graduate degree from higher education institutions in Turkey or  from universities which are recognized by Higher Educational Council (YOK).
  • Applicants who has been excluded from any higher education institutions due to disciplinary penalties will not be considered for admission into any course or individual unit.

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Updated: 22 Kasım 2018 — 13:44