General Information about the Evaluation of Scholarship Applications


  1. Eligible scholarship applicants will be invited to an interview, applicants who do not attend the interview their applications will not be evaluated. The interview dates and hours will be announced on our web site after the dwadline for the applications.
  2. After the interviews, applications are evaluated by “International Student Evaluation Commission” formed by the Rectorate of the university,The commission makes the evaluation on the basis of academic background and interview performance and preferences of the student by considering the quotas assigned by the university. Successfull  candidates are set according to the order of preference beginning from the candidate with the highest mark. Substitute candidates are set on the basis of grade and preference of the student on condition that it does not exceed the number of scholarship quotas assigned for the department.
  3. To provide the conditions for scholarship application does not mean an admission for placement. Evaluation of the applications, the  placement of the candidates, and filling the assigned quotas are totally at the sole discrete of Istanbul Commerce University.
  4. The list of the successful candidates is announced on the web site of the university and/or  the acceptance letter is delivered to the students by the International Office by hand or e-mail.
Updated: 22 Kasım 2018 — 13:55