Medical Facilities

In Sütlüce and  Küçükyalı  medicalcampuses, there is an emergency room, polyclinic, and a Psychological Consulting Center. Psychological and medical consultations, medical dressing, treatment, examination and laboratory services are available to our students and staff free of charge. A full-time doctor, five nurses, and two specialist psychologists are employed at our health centers. The first dose of medicine is given to patients and the medicines required for continuation of the treatment are prescribed. All biochemical tests, complete blood counts, urine analysis, and treatment not requiring hospital care are carried out. In cases requiring hospital care, the patient is transferred to the nearest fully equipped hospital after first aid has been given.

Personal Development and Psychological Counselling Unit
This unit has been developed to help students be aware of themselves, realize problems, and improve their skills in overcoming problems by providing a variety of support services, which include counselling. Confidentiality and cooperation, acceptance, the autonomy of the individual and subjectivity of dialog are among the unit’s principles.