Erasmus Policy Statement

International (EU and non-EU) strategy of Istanbul Commerce University

One of the main objectives of the university is to reinforce the identification and implementation of the internationalization and globalisation policy. Erasmus office and International office have been working within the scope of this mission, with the purposes of developing international partnerships.

Istanbul Commerce University gives importance to the quality of European Education Programs and strives to keep up with the EU educational system’s ethos. In order to reach contemporary European education level, we are working on compatibility with the Bologna Process. At present, Istanbul Commerce University is in the process of ECTS credit system. All study programmes will be measured by ECTS credits soon. Furthermore, our academic staffs from all faculties and departments are working towards using and fulfilling convenient ECTS course catalogues. We also support our students to deepen their knowledge of variety of foreign languages with optional courses and our university gives certificate of languages to its successful students. Besides this, our graduating students are provided with the Diploma Supplement automatically and will seamlessly transfer their courses, credits and grades to any institution abroad. Thus, we prefer to make agreements with similar education profiles institutions in terms of ECTS system and their offer of courses in foreign languages.

As an institution, we do not specialise in any geographical area priority for international collaborations. The latter is purposed to widen our students’ intercultural skills from all over the world such as understanding other cultures, working styles, body language, and practicing different languages.

Aiming to increase mobility within the framework of Erasmus Program, our institution successfully concluded a number of agreements with higher education institutions from 15 different European countries for the exchange of students, academic and administrative staff mobility.

Erasmus office is still in the process of negotiating agreements with many more universities in other European countries without discrimination to diverse agreements and maintaining more mobility.

Apart from Erasmus office, our International office proceeds with its internalization policies with quick steps. In the 2011-2012 academic years, new partners were added to the cooperation list as a result of agreements signed with 22 different universities from 14 different countries. Moreover, International Office progressively carries out negotiations to sign academic cooperation protocols in various fields with prominent universities from different regions of the world.

Erasmus office carries out counselling to the target groups of mobility activities within the Lifelong Learning/Erasmus programme and coordination services for all incoming students, academic and administrative staff and informs all students from all cycles with seminars, conferences about possibilities of studying abroad and represents the university to international partners. Currently, the number of students coming to our university and the number of students going to various universities of Europe from our university via Erasmus Exchange Program are increasing day by day. Each year, we increase outgoing students’ (in all cycles) mobility number 100% to reach the aim of sending abroad 40% of all our full-time students in the next couple of years. According to our annual target, each year we support academic staff and administrative staff for mobility that the number of sending is increasing constantly.

Furthermore, our university gives importance to recruit non-Turkish academic staff and invite academicians to give seminars and lectures from abroad to increase number of international academic staff.

Istanbul Commerce University actively works on development of future joint and double degree programmes. Currently one short cycle programme is offered with European institution collaboration. Joint programmes will strengthen the existing partnerships and will establish a ground for graduate students to be well equipped with knowledge and skills for future labour market opportunities and challenges.

With regard to this, we are supporting more students to take part in all international programmes between Europeans and non-Europeans institutions. Moreover, Istanbul Commerce University provides equal opportunities to all students without discrimination on the grounds of nationality, gender, colour, age, religious or political beliefs, disability or any other circumstances.

All necessary information is suitable for monitoring in both offices official websites including student guide, course catalogue and other information materials.

The strategy of Istanbul Commerce University and implementation of international (EU and non-EU) cooperation projects in teaching and training in relation to projects implemented under the Programme

As mentioned earlier, cooperation and collaboration with partners from all over the world is priority of ICU’ internalization strategy in order to accelerate the adaption to different cultures in terms of social cultural life style and education system.

Our major goal is maintaining the high quality mobility for both student and staff exchange to provide the sustainable higher education system. Our institutions’ long-term plans include applying for cooperation projects implemented under the Programme. In order to improve the quality of teaching and research conditions of academic researchers, ICU commits itself to creating an open, sustainable and charming environment for researchers and lecturers. In this regard, our institution will aim to fund international projects in teaching and training with high amount of fees during the submission of process. Our University is founded by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and they are our sponsor for payments and will fund international cooperation projects.

We believe that participating in international cooperation projects will help and accomplish the university’ globalisation and internalization target.

Expected impact of the participation in the Programme on the modernisation of Istanbul Commerce University (for each of the 5 priorities of the Modernisation Agenda) in terms of the policy objectives Istanbul Commerce University intend to achieve.

In line with the institution’s strategic plan, ICU focuses on contributing EU’s modernization and internalization agenda by improving strategic research linkages and networks. The university aims to increase the quality in the mobility activities, both students and staff. Under the Erasmus scheme, the University currently has over 37 Erasmus partners in 15 different countries, offering exchanges to students and staff from different academic subject areas. As an international university, ECTS system has been fully implemented and Diploma Supplement is issued in a widely spoken European Language (in English), given automatically and free of charge to every student at all levels of education upon graduation. The university is working on implementing Bologna Process. Istanbul Commerce University aims to improve the syllabus, in terms of structures, systems and content, in cooperation with its EU and non-EU partners. ICU is continuing to offer high quality in all mobility activities, in order to improve student’s and staff’s gained skills, also, to expand the cooperation and Double Degree Programme.

ICU will intend to promote the European framework for research careers in order to foster STA and STT mobility contributing researchers in terms of identifying job offers and employers thus, employer will find convenient candidates. On the other hand, our University aims to improve cooperation with partners by promoting and supporting student and staff mobility including joint courses, modules and joint degrees. ICU has already established close cooperative partnerships with local businesses and social organizations. Furthermore, attending in international cooperation events contributes the purpose of global responsibility and ensures tools for quality assurance and better leadership. When developing strategic partnerships with distinguished partner institutions, ICU will engage in Strategic Partnership Projects to achieve our relevant objectives.