1.May I learn about the Erasmus Proficiency Examination?

The Erasmus Proficiency examination is an examination carried out once a year by the Proficiency department which all students who apply for Erasmus have to take. Its dates are announced on the Erasmus Calendar. It consists of a written and oral section, students have to pass with at least 50 to be able to be eligible for the Erasmus program. More information can be provided by the Proficiency department.

2. My GPA is below the required minumum. May I still apply?

Students grades have to have a minumum grade 2.20 for undergraduates 2.50 for graduates as stated on their transcript during the time of application.

3. Do I have to pay anything to apply to the program?

Students do not pay any expenses to the host institution, or to apply for the program. They only continue paying their normal school fees (harç) to ITİCÜ. If they are receving a scholarship by ITICÜ, they continue to receive their scholarships.

4. Am I provided with any financial support during the program?

All students of ITICÜ are provided with grants for their first term of Erasmus. The amount is determined by the National Agency, and calculated according to the duration of the program. For more information please click here.

5. How do I fill my learning agreement?

You have to fill in your learning agreement with the courses made available for Erasmus students on the host universities website. In universities where the language of instruction is in English, students can generally take all the courses available as long as they are also accepted by their deparment at ITICÜ. Students are advised to fill in their learning agreement with their departmental coordinators.

After getting a signature from their departmental coordinator (on three original copies of the same agreement), and then from the head of the department (bölüm başkanı). Students will have to leave the learning agreement at the Erasmus office for the signature of the Erasmus Institutional Coordinator. Once the faculty board decision regarding approval of the courses has arrived at the office, the student is informed to come and pick up his agreements. One copy stays with the Erasmus office, one stays with the student and one is handed in to the host institution upon arrival. Upon arrival from Erasmus, the student must return to the Erasmus office this copy signed by the host institution.

6. May I change my Learning Agreement?

The student who has decided to change his or her Learning Agreement will have to first ensure the approval of his/her departmental coordinator through email and inform the Erasmus office. Then he/she will have to fill in the  form available as the second page of the learning agreement “Changes to Learning Agreement” , send it as a scan to the departmental coordinator for/his signature, and send it to the Erasmus office for a signature. Once it is signed by our Erasmus coordinator, we send it back to the student. Upon arrival from Erasmus, the student must return to the Erasmus office this copy signed by the host institution.

7. I have attended the Erasmus program for one semester. May I extend my stay for another term?

A student who would like to extend his/her stay will have to first inform this to the Erasmus office via email, the Erasmus office will contact the International office asking for a new Letter of Acceptance. After the Letter of Acceptance arrives at our office (via scan and post) we prepare a new visa fee exemption letter (harçsız vize yazısı) for the student.

The student will also have to prepare a new learning agreement.

8. How can I apply for my visa?

Applying for a visa is the students responsibility, the Erasmus office can provide a the student an official document regarding visa exemption fee. This document states the total amount of grant that the student will receive during his/her Erasmus program.

Visa applications can take time, we urge students to apply at least a few weeks before.

9. How can I arrange my accomodation?

Students have to look into the websites of their host universities and if necessary contact the host university regarding accomodation options.

Accomondation, if offered by the host university may have a separate application process.

10. Will my graduation be delayed if I join the program?

Students can transfer courses in which they are sucessful. A student spending his fourth year during Erasmus may graduate at the host institution, however will have to complete his/her graduation process upon return.

11. May I apply to the Erasmus program for a second time?

Students may apply for the Erasmus program for a second time, however applications after the first do not receive grants.