Istanbul Commerce University

College of Engineering

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

ENG 402-Graduation Project Evaluation for 2018-2019 Spring Term

  • Presentation will be public.
  • Evaluation will be private.
  • Mark allocation policy will be as shown below.

Semester 2 Percentage of Evaluation:

  • Supervisor : 40% (15% Process, 5% Demo, 5% Presentation, 15% Report)
  • Examiner(s) : [in total, if multiple examiners present] 60% (15% Demo, 25% Presentation, 20% Report)
  • Total: 100%

  • The presentation will be held on May 23rd, 2019, Thursday between 9.30 am-7.20 pm at B-311, in Kucukyali Campus.
  • The presentation will be made in the order given in the link. Each and every presentation should be ready during the specified group hours.
  • Each and every presentation is limited to ten (10) minutes. It is presenter’s responsibility to accommodate his/her/their entire effort throughout the project in a nutshell.
  • The thesis/report should be written according to the rules given in the link.
  • Project owners must bring three copies of thesis/report printed, binded, and ready on the presentation day.
  • The thesis/report should be upload Turnitin with class number and password in order to check plagiarism. If result of plagiarism tool is more than 15%, thesis will not be accepted. (Class Number: 21230892, Password: icuee2019)
  • Project owners should declare required exceptional equipment (DC source, oscilloscope, etc.) for their projects to operate. Projects should not be completed at the project day. Project owners are not allowed to provide any sort of excuses regarding any type of insufficiency, drawback, malfunction about exceptional equipment. Exceptional equipment is just for project owners to operate their works, not for them to be completed. Exceptional equipment list should be sent online and in the format specified in the file to [email protected]
  • Software setup, installation should be ready with the project owners at the presentation day. If need be, project owners should bring extra laptops, computers, and so on. No laptops will be provided by the EE department.
  • Outdoor projects will be performed in the university premises (front side garden).