Huawei will hold the DIGIX Global AI Challenge 2020, offering student algorithm enthusiasts the opportunity to explore uncharted territories, in the wake of groundbreaking advances in AI and smart device technology, to assist in the construction of a fully-connected, ubiquitously-intelligent world. Successful teams will be awarded by Huawei. For more information please follow the link below:


Announcement of Official Document Request

Students who need official documents (e.g. course content, curriculum) should get them from the website of the EE Department by selecting the “students” tab. The documents should be signed by the head of EE Department to be officialized. For the time being the documents should be send to professor Cengiz Riva. Students who need any other document or for any other issue should contact Student Affairs.”

Announcement of Presentations of Graduation Project

According to the graduation project outlines, second stage of presentations will be held online on July 13th, 2020, Monday, starting at 9 pm. At this stage, the following two groups of students will be presenting their projects:

Group 1. Students who filled out the graduation project request form in such a way that they themselves decide to present their projects on July 13th, 2020, Monday,
Group 2. Students whose supervisors recommend them to present their projects on July 13th, 2020, Monday.

All students who will present their projects on July 13th, 2020, Monday, should be ready prior to the presentation time along with their project files (slides, reports, videos, audios, etc.). The order of presentation will be determined via a random number generation mechanism.

Note that students who:
– are graded with “I” (incomplete) on the first stage presentation day, namely July 1st, 2020, will present their projects sometime in September 2020.
– are graded with “I” (incomplete) on the second stage presentation day, namely July 13th, 2020, will present their projects sometime in September 2020. The exact date of presentations for incomplete projects in September 2020 will be announced later online.

Announcement for Summer School

Students who want to apply for summer programs at other universities should make sure that the following two criteria are met:

1-) The medium of instruction is English.
2-) The ECTS (a.k.a. AKTS in Turkish) of the course should match.

Once it is guaranteed that the criteria above are met, then students are recommended to register a petition that addresses EE Department and includes the relevant summer program request with sufficient details. A template for such a petition could be found in the link given here. . The petition should

I. include the signature of the student,
II. be color-scanned in PDF format,
III. be sent via official e-mail address assigned by the University (account under ‘’ domain)
IV. be sent to [],
V. be sent today (July 9th, 2020, Thursday) until 11.59 pm.

The list of universities that you can apply for the summer program is given below:

*Bahçeşehir University
*Istanbul Technical University
*Koç University
*Marmara University
*Sabancı University
*Yeditepe University
*Yıldız Technical University

Update on June 1st, 2020 Presentations

During the presentations held on June 1st, 2020, supervisors asked some students to carry out a face-to-face demo for their projects. Therefore, presentations that are supposed to be redone face-to-face will be held on July 2nd, 2020, Thursday, at 1.30 pm at EE Department, Küçükyalı. Students who fall under this category are listed below with their UIDs:

      • 100042334
      • 100034305
      • 100044226

Announcement of Presentations of Graduation Project

Dear EE students,

Graduation project presentations are planned to be held on June 24th, 25th, and 26th, 2020, three consecutive days falling within the final exam schedule; however, letter grades are allowed to be assigned in the following week, which, practically, provides an extra week for the students. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic rules, regulations, restrictions, and procedures, the availability of University premises and use of facilities including equipment and instrumentation seem to be clear after June 29th, 2020. Hence, in order not to lead to any sort of inconvenience, three candidate windows are proposed: July 1st, 2020; July 13th, 2020; and sometime in September 2020. Therefore:

– Those students who believe that their projects are complete may present their projects on July 1st, 2020. Note that those students who are not affected by pandemic but still do not want to present their work on July 1st, 2020, will be evaluated based on fairness criteria and graded accordingly.
– Those students who would like to present their projects on either July 13th, 2020 or sometime in September 2020 will be assigned letter grade I (incomplete).

In this regard, a Google Forms document is prepared and you are recommended to fill out the form accordingly by providing all the details required in order for Department to assess the status of your projects and plan ahead. Google Forms link is given below: 

[Please click here to get access the Google Forms.]

Robotim @National Press

Prof. İsmail Demir, President of Presidency of Defence Industries under Presidency of The Republic of Turkey shared details of the project entitled “Robotim” on his official Twitter account. Further details of the project have been published on several nation-wide press agencies and journals. Links for the Twitter share and news agencies and journals could be found below:

Prof. İsmail Demir’s Twitter share

News agency link I (Hurriyet)

News agency link II (Sabah)

News agency link III (Milliyet)

News agency link IV (InternetHaber)

Videocast on YouTube by Tekno Savunma

Videocast on YouTube by Savunma Sanayii Dergilik

Videocast on YouTube by HGV Savunma