M. Salih Karakaşlı, who is currently working as a Solution Engineer at Huawei will give a talk and share his valuable experiences in the field with Istanbul Commerce University audience on February 26th, 2020, Wednesday, between 11.00 a.m. – 12.00 p.m. at B-311, Kucukyali campus, focusing majorly on senior students enrolled GNL450 – Vocational Seminars course.

Karakaşlı is a double major honor degree owner from both the Industrial and Computer Engineering Department at Istanbul Commerce University. After graduation, he started his career as an Assistant Software Engineer at Huawei and then continued his career as a Software Engineer. In 2018, Karakaşlı has been promoted to the Senior Solution Engineer position. In the meantime, he completed his M.Sc. at Istanbul University, Computer Engineering Department. Up until now, he has been awarded four different times by Huawei for his valuable contributions. Also, he developed a mobile app which is called “Hesap Tut” for android devices. Currently, he is working as a Solution Engineer at Huawei.