İlker Kınacı, who is currently the Sales Director at the Kafein, will give a talk and share his valuable experiences in the field with Istanbul Commerce University audience on May 2nd, 2019, Thursday, between 1pm-3pm at C-205, Kucukyali campus, focusing majorly on senior students enrolled Vocational Seminars course.

Kınacı received his B.Sc. and M.Sc degrees in Computer Science from Yıldız Technical University and worked as a System Support Engineer in NETAS between 1990-1996. Upon completing his military service, Kınacı conducted private software projects in the textile industry. Between 2000-2008, Kınacı held several managerial positions at Turkcell. During his time at Turkcell, he led the Project Management Office (PMO) and Analysis Teams in IT and Service & Product Development departments. Later on, he was assigned to the administration of the project office of Vodafone as a PMO Senior Manager. In 2009, he was transferred to recently initiated Customer-Relationship Management (CRM) transformation program of Avea as a CRM Solutions Director to manage the process and completed the CRM Transformation. Then, he established Agile Solutions Directorate and managed this team for two years in Avea. Thereafter, Kınacı established PMO in Avea and managed this team for two years. Currently, İlker Kınacı is working at Kafein as a Sales Director for main accounts of both Turkcell and Turk Telekom.