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Call for Papers

The period we live in compels to change all hegemonic relationships and institutions, shatter values and habits that we know, and break the rules. The authoritarian structures created by mass media and hegemonic content…

Accepted Abstracts

Abstracts on social and communication sciences which accepted by the advisor board was announced. Full paper submission and registration deadline was extended. You can send your paper by 15 September 2014.

Organisation Committe

Prof. Dr. Can Bilgili
Asst. Prof: R.Gülay Öztürk
Asst. Prof: Engin Çağlak
Asst. Prof: Gülüm Şener
Asst. Prof:  Mehmet Özçağlayan
Ph.D:  Perrin Öğün
Ph.D:  Burak Yenituna
Rest. Asst: Sena Aydın

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